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VIEW FROM THE TOP: St. Louis Blues

As the self-appointed spokesmen/woman of the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks, we are using the idea of “To the victors go the spoils” quite seriously. What we will do between now and the night the Stanley Cup banner is raised in the United Center is point out the shortcomings of all the teams that won’t have four crisp new banners in their rafters. We continue this series with the St. Louis Blues.

The Jackman Cometh – Hawks 3, Blues 0

Ryan Reaves New Reality Show Awaits Greenlight 

Blues fans are looking for anything they can use to console themselves coming into tonight’s game as to why the Blackhawks are faring so well while their beloved blue notes are having such trouble living up to the preseason hype that led to nine of every ten (made up statistic) people who cover the NHL to have them emerge from the Western Conference playoff. From the dumbest article I’ve read in YEARS (the article, 5 Reason Not To Worry About The Chicago Blackhawks, which has since been removed by the author due to sheer embarrassment) to general kvetching ranging from injury excuses to just plain dumb luck, denizens of the 900th Greatest City in the US of A are staggered. 

Friday Night Fights: Chaser

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If you have ever been to Carver Arena in Peoria, IL to watch a sporting event (and unless you’re Hockeenight readers Bacon Sandwich or Gil Gunderson there’s no reason you should have been), you may notice that the Peoria Rivermen have some retired numbers up on the wall.  Those numbers are 9 for Doug Evans, who spent 12 years playing for the team; #6 for legendary NHL enforcer Tony Twist, and #22 for Kelly Chase who…zuh?

FOLLOW THE LEADER: Blackhawks 2, Blues 1

How do you measure a leader? By words, deeds, or both?

After the Chicago Blackhawks’ lack of effort last night against Phoenix, Hawks’ Captain Jonathan Toews said, “We’ve got to find ways to push ourselves and motivate ourselves for
these games. I don’t know what we’re thinking about right now, but
definitely our focus isn’t there.” Would it be there tonight?

Toews not only talked the talk, but he walked the walk. He assisted on Patrick Sharp’s opening goal in the first period, before potting one of his own, also in the first, leading the Hawks to a 2-1  win over the Blues tonight in Scottrade Center in Dogpatch St. Louis.

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