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Hawks Vs. Devils: Always Be Latecapping

So this may be it.  After the NHLPA teased us with the news that they were close to a deal to play hockey again, the NHL threw the cold water of voicemails on that announcement just a few hours later.  The upshot?

I think we’re done here.  I’ve said before I believe the owners are crazy enough to torpedo another season and that Donald Fehr and company aren’t going to just roll over for their demands.  There seemed to be some optimism around Fehr and Commissioner Buttman being bounced from the negotiating table early last week, only for it to turn out that Sidney Crosby was not the brilliant tactician we thought he was.
And so we soldier on, with the only NHL hockey I was able to find in the last two days.
The Hockeenight recap of the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Washington Capitals from December 26th, 1996.
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