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Released from their gym lockers!

Released from their gym lockers!

Now that the Chicago Blackhawks have advanced to the Stanley Cup Final to meet the Tampa Bay Lightning, we once again call upon the analytic skills of the Hockeenight Mathletes. So while they weren’t happy being taken frm their Silicon Valley cosplay (everyone wants to be Gilfoyle), they’ve once again crunched numbers for us:

12 – Number of wins it took each team to get here.

4 – Number of teams faced by the Blackhawks where “experts” have said they have better goaltending than the Hawks.

.904 – Combined save percentage of Pekka Rinne, Donald Dubnyk and Frederick Andersen against the Chicago Blackhawks in the postseason.

.918 – Corey Crawford’s postseason save percentage.

8 – Combined points from Lightning bottom 6 forwards in the playoffs.

9 – Points from Blackhawks bottom 6 forward Andrew Shaw in the playoffs.

2 – Number of sections in Amalie Arena in Tampa where wearing Blackhawks attire is prohibited.

90 – Number of sections in the United Center in Chicago where being Jim Belushi should be prohibited.

78 – Combined different proonounciations of “Sustr” and “Hjalmarsson” by Doc Emrick.

717 – Number of career goals by Phil Espsito.

717 – Number of times Phil Esposito will try getting on camera in this series.

49 – Number of times people will say, “Holy shit, Brendan Morrow’s still playing?” per Morrow shift.

213 – Total number of games played for both teams by Enrico Ciccone.

0 – Number of those games where he didn’t suck.

24 – Age of Steven Stamkos.

83 – How old Stamkos looks.

105 – Number of games played for the Lightning by Denis Savard.

0 – Number of sites with the stones to make him a Lightning Legend.

100 – Percent of you guys who need to BUY A SHIRT to help Janelle out.


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