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Released from their gym lockers!

Released from their gym lockers!

It’s playoff time again, so once again the Hockeenight Mathletes have been released from the gym lockers where they had been stuffed, and they’ve been crunching the numbers on the first-round matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and Nashville Predators.

4 – Number of consecutive games lost by the Chicago Blackhawks to end the season.

6 – Number of consecutive games lost by the Nashville Predators to end the season.

3-1 – Blackhawks record against Nashville during the regular season.

0 – Amount it matters now.

63 – Number of points scored by Nashville’s top scorer, Filip Forsberg, while playing 82 games.

64 – Number of points scored by Patrick Kane in 61 games.

2 – Number of playoff series won by Nashville since 2010.

2 – Number of Stanley Cups won by the Blackhawks since 2010.

276 – Number of publications that refer to Mike Fisher as a “hockey star” or “star player”.

0 – Number of those publications that are hockey publications.

0 – Number of Blackhawks fans who cheer the anthem on the road who aren’t douchebags.

6 – Sweater number of Shea Weber.

6 – Number of years he’s been regarded as a future Norris Trophy winner.

0 – Number of Norris Trophies he has to show for it.

2 – Number of Norris Trophies won by Duncan Keith in that span.

100 – Percent effort by Predators ownership to keep Blackhawks fans out of their arena.

0 – Amount of effort required if they had built a fanbase instead of years of ass-achingly dull hockey.


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