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Evens: Hawks 3, Bolts 4


Well, that was disappointing.  When the Hawks got a 2-1 lead, I was sure they were going to win. When they tied the game 3 again, I thought they were going to win. And when they pulled Crow in the last 2 minutes against a backup goaler, I was sure they were going to send the game to overtime and win.

Such is my faith in this team.  Ultimately, they didn’t win, but as Ben Bishop will tell you: sometimes, shit happens.


Teuvo! – Teuvo Henri Matias Teräväinen has been added to the power play and it is a goddamned revelation. Teuvo had a PP goal and was seemingly the one guy who understands that you have to MOVE on the power play to make it work.  He does that, and the soon he’s on the 1st unit, the better.

11-16-65 – probably the best line tonight for the Blackhawks.  These guys did everything asked of them, repeatedly pinning the Bolts in their own zone and scoring the Hawks 1st goal.


Corey Crawford sealing his post – it’s been a tendency for some time, but it seems like this playoffs teams have been eager to exploit Crow when he drops down early on short side attempts.  It’d be nice if knocked that off.

Patrick Sharp – Sharp took two consecutive bad penalties, the second of which resulted in the game winning goal.  Patrick Sharp is generally a pretty smart player, so I don’t expect a repeat of that performance. But if he’d atone with a few goals, that’d be nice.


We all laughed at Ben Bishop’s predicament, as it appeared he was forced to leave the game to take a poop.  But he left a second time and did not return, leaving Andrei Vasilevskiy to close out his own win.  If Bishop is actually injured, a rookie backup #goaler will be thrust into the spotlight for Tampa. Yeah, I know he’s a good prospect, but the Stanley Cup Final isn’t necessarily the optimal proving ground for a rookie.


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Up next: Game 3 in Chicago, on Monday Night at 7pm.




  1. Would the craps be considered a lower or upper body injury?

    Two of their goals were scored by significant redirects. We had several redirects last night that just missed.

    A lot of good scoring chances both ways.

    If I hear the word triplets one more time I’m going to do something really bad. Its the worst name for a hockey line ever.i loked the way Kruger stood up for Oduya when I think it was Kucherov hit him late in tje second.

    I’ve seen enough of Johnson to realize he’s Brad Marchand wannabe. Watch the guu, hes a punk ‘ kick his ass Seabass.

  2. That’s exactly how I felt in that sequence of the game and Sharp blew it!

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