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FORMER RIVALRY WEDNESDAY: Blackhawks 5, Red Wings 2

The classics never get old.

The classics never get old.

The fine folks at NBC must have been absolutely giddy over having the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings for “Wednesday Night Rivalry”. These teams have more than a small amount of history, so naturally the NHL moved Detroit to another division, as well as the Eastern Conference.

So how would the first of two games this week between these storied franchises go?

This was an asswhipping. spurred on by two goals on the same power play in the second period, then two in 35 seconds in the third, the Hawks stomped the Red Wings 5-2 in Joe Louis Arena.

Let’s get to this…


Brent Seabrook. A goal and two assists. He’s stepped up his offensive game, and it’s been a major contribution since none of the other Blackhawks defenseman have stepped up to replace the offense lost when the Hawks traded Johnny Oduya last summer. Maybe Christian Ehrhoff can find his old game, but Seabrook has picked the perfect time to have a career year.

Andrew Ladd. His first goal since returning to the Hawks. He kept banging away at rebounds given to him from Petr Mrazek until one finally went in.

Artemi Panarin got two goals, and the Little Idiot racked up three points. These guys just know where each other are on the ice, and they just keep generating offense. However high the Hawks blimb will be due to these two.

Corey Crawford, Vezina finalist.


I dunno…the misconduct on Desjardins? I didn’t think it was too bad a call. But I honestly can’t think of anything else.


The World Cup of Hockey’s rosters were announced today. You learned a couple things – it’s impossible to put a bad Team Canada together, someone at Team USA really, really loves TJ Oshie. Enough to choose him over Phil Kessel. And team North America (Canadians & Americans under 25) is easily the team that will be the most fun to watch.


Speaking of which…

The Hawks head to Boston to take on the Massholes tomorrow night.

Fro is the worst.


  1. I thought Toews had a very strong game yesterday. He seemed quite energized. Sweet pass to Erhoff. And of course he got away with a “bolland” on Dekeyser.

    Call me crazy, but Mashinter doesn’t bother me that much. He’s actually fast enough to be able to lay the body on someone when forechecking. He also plays with an alacrity that is spring like refreshing.

    Is it just me. Or did TVR look better on the right side on defense?

    I loved that play along the left boards where Keith thwarted Zetterberg. That was a active stick baby.

    The Hart and Calder talk during the post game was a bit overboard, althoigh Milbo hit the nail on the head whrn he noted Panarin also makes Kane better. Hell, if I didn’t have to play defense, I think I could center that line.

    Crow let in two softies at the end. Put Darling in, now!

    1. He was in last night. Too bad it took him a period and a half to get going.

      1. He got absolutely no help from his team. It waesclear from the get go that Kane and Panarin were solely intent on padding their stats that game. And did Crow ever set a homeless man up for a month?

        (Hopefully you realize there is not a bigger #50 fan in Chicago than me)

        I actually enjoyed watching that game. Even against a surging Bruin club who had a 4-1 lead, I had a strong feeling we wrre going to at least tie the game.

        Another thing that dawned on me, with the addition of Ladd and Weiss, we are a little tougher team than we’ve been in awhile.(mashinter and Rasmussen certainly add to that equation, although come playoffs, I realize both could become spectators.

        Finally, we have some players who are not afraid to “Hit Someone!” when we need a spark – that is what hockey is all about.

        In closing, do you think Panarin will file away his experience with Bergeron? Olcyck almost had an orgasm blaming Panarin for his turnover against one of the top defensive players in the game. The problem on Marchands goal was that 4 Hawks were scratching their asses along the left board.

        Now I’m no tactical genius, but wasn’t Marchand,

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