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Man the people that do the shopping on here are really god damn good at it.

Man the people that do the shopping on here are really goddamn good at it.

The Hawks came into Game 2 tonight down 1-0 after falling in OT in Game 1. Not very much changed in terms of the lines except for the return of Duncan Keith and Richard Panik replacing Manshitter. So what happened in the game? Lets get to it:


Duncan Keith. Holy fuck balls is this guy good at hockey. Was on the ice for 31 minutes and had 2 points. One of which was the goal that tied the game in the second.

Corey Crawford. He’s healthy. And he can also hockey well.


The first period was boooooooooring. The Hawks didn’t have a shot until the 13:21 mark in the period and had a power play chance but of course, didn’t do anything with it.


The second period. Not only did the Hawks concede the lead but they couldn’t put the mother trucking puck in the mother trucking net. So many god damn opportunities. On top of that? Elliot looked pretty shitty.


With about 8 minutes left in the 3rd, TaraSHITko scored because of course. But wait there’s more. The Hawks video caught something and it seemed as though the Blooz were offsides. Sure enough they were. The game remained tied.


Just a few minutes later Andrew Shaw did a thing and got the puck in the net to give the Hawks the win.


15 baby.


Fuck St. Louis. Ho Gawks. Let’s go home.

Updated: April 15, 2016 — 10:21 pm


  1. Ok I get to be the first… 15!
    Fork, keep the faith #flip the switch
    CT, hooked on this feeling WINING!
    FRO isn’t even the worst (see every Blues player ever)

  2. That is my all time favorite picture of a Blues fan – I don’t doubt for one minute that she could kick my ass.

    Panik was a big improvement over Mashinter – and I’m not filled with Mash hate either, and it should be pointed out I love mash potatoes and gravy. Mashinter just has not been very effective lately. Panik played last night like he wants to remain in the lineup. No stats to back this up, just the eye test-and I do know hockey.

    Ok, so we missed Crow, Freddy, Keith and Hossa. Raise your hand high if you said “man we miss Chicken Hawk. I can’t wait until 65 gets back in the lineip.” Shaw reminds me of something that was once said about Bulls gaurd Jerry Sloan. After his senior year at Evansville, Sports Illustrated had an article on the top 10 draft picks in the NBA that were can’t miss selections. It was noted of Sloan. “He’s not fast, doesn’t jump very high and has an ok jump shot. But he’ll make it on his hustle.” I know the Jordan era was the pinnacle of Bulls B-ball, but what a treat it was to watch Sloan and Stormin’ Normaan over their career!

    I couldn-t entirely blame Rosi for the first goal. It took a long time for the calvary to arrive on that play.

    It seems that the only answer the Blues have for Super PAK line is Elliot. Although, I fear that Paryko is going to be an all star soon.

    How was there no hooking or slashing penalty called on Kanes break away. I want tje department of Justice to investigate.

    There is no team in the league I like watching the Hawks beat more than the Blues. Life is good for another 48 hours.

  3. Hell yes I’m hooked on a feeling! And one more glass of wine! Kisses sweet as whiskey.

    Clicking on Big C is a must Hawks fans.

  4. Great video!

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