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Holy shit, I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

If you’re reading this website for any kind of analysis for this game, you’ve come to the wrong place. Due to the torrential rainfall in the Chicago area, I spent every game stoppage sprinting down to my basement to make sure that my sump pump was still operating (it was).  I saw the Hawks smother the Lightning, saw Corey Crawford make some spectacular saves when he had to and saw Duncan Fucking Keith put an exclamation point on his otherworldly playoff season by scoring the game winning goal and then taking home a well deserved Conn Smythe.  Although if they awarded a Conn Smythe to blogger that’d definitely be mine for my 9-1 record as a recapper in the postseason.

And then for the third time in the history of this website, I saw the Hawks raise the Stanley Cup.  It was, as they say, a thing.

And now I’m going to make this all about me.

7 years ago, Fork and I had a dream. It was a dream about an all-you-can-eat pulled pork BBQ joint, that somehow manifested itself as one of the weirdest hockey websites on the internet. I’d like to say we toiled at it, but if this was anything like work, we’d have stopped doing it long ago.

Hockeenight was born of our shared love of hockey and as we’ve met readers and added writers (and photoshoppers) it’s only become more fun.  The true joy of the Hawks’ championship is not just that our team is victorious, it is that we as a fans, who may have nothing else in common, can celebrate it together.

And so, I would to take a moment to thank everybody who contributes here: Krista, who helps make the Puckcasts listenable, Nick, Morph, Steve and Thrill whose brilliant photoshops are probably the reason you’re here (that’s Nick’s handiwork above) Watson, Beth and Slak whose writing elevates this thing out of the gutter, Mighty Mike D who gives us our playoff videos, Casey who took the site out of the trash and made it look good and last and certainly not least, Big Cheyenne for being a helluva a good sport.

Oh and of course Forklift, because he paid for half of this thing.

To all of you who read the site, go to our roadwatches, laugh at us on twitter and otherwise encourage our bad behavior: thanks.

Finally, to montanabrenan: go straight to hell, buddy.





-Kimmo Timonen


Yes you are, Kimmo, yes you are.





  1. CT well done with the recap. You guys and gals are the best, and the worst (notwithstanding Fro). I already miss hockey 🙁

  2. I told our friend from Montana to suck it and he promptly blocked me. Thank you for all you have done with this site and the puckcasts. It’s certainly appreciated.

  3. That Photoshop rocks. It’s not as good as the one when Big Cheyenne belly flopped on everything when the Blackhawks beat Anaheim, but still pretty damn good!

    And thanks to CT, Fork and everyone else who contributes. You guys suck, but it’s all good. This place has been a home for all of us who knew that Chicago had a hockey team before 2007. As a child watching them in the 90’s and as a teenager in the early 2000’s, I’d never thought of seeing the Blackhawks winning one Cup, let alone three.

    With all of the crap that came out in the middle of the season (from stuff that supposedly happened last year and the injury to Kane), it was great to see that it didn’t have an affect on them. What a team.


    1. The memories of the Cup being skated around The Stadium in 1992 can disappear now! Congratulations!

  4. And do any of you guys tell Montana Brennan that he’s a moron?

  5. Thanks everyone!

  6. Dats all fer dis year. Stay in da fast lane. Nice work my frents. GO HOCKS!!!

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