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GOAL DROUGHTS GET WET: Blackhawks 6, Shorks 2

The Rally Zmed is the NEXT BIG THING

If you want to succeed in the playoffs, you need depth. The Chicago Blackhawks know this as well as anyone, as they’ve won two Stanley Cups by having 18 skaters who could be rolled out in almost any situation. Last season there were only 9 forwards Joel Quenneville trusted against the Los Angeles Kings, and the hardware went elsewhere.

This afternoon the Chicago Blackhawks saw goal scoring droughts for Duncan Keith (19 games) and Patrick Sharp (18 games) come to an end, and another solid effort in net by Corey Crawford as the Hawks defeated the San Jose Shorks 6-2 in SAP Center.

The Shorks have been having their own bumps lately, currently sitting on the outside of the playoff picture looking in, as GM (and actual Blackhawk Legend) Doug Wilson publicly gives Joe Thornton a verbal Danza slap, good way to get your team focused before a long road trip in the stretch run.

Let’s get to this…


Two very handsome goals. Patrick Sharp finally got off the schneid, getting two goals on the afternoon. He’s been squeezing the stick a lot lately, and the posts and crossbar have looked like steel girders. Now we can fasten our seatbelts, because whenever Sharp finishes up a cold snap we start seeing pucks go in with astounding regularity.

The Hawks Power play. Again. Second game in a row with two goals. Hopefully this becomes a sustained effort. We know the PK will be there, having an effective power play means hockey to Memorial Day and beyond.

What do Henrik Lundqvist, Brian Elliott and Semyon Varlamov all have in common?
They all have worse save percentages than Corey Crawford. The Golden Goaler has allowed a mere 8 goals in the last 7 games. Let the meatballs keep saying he’s overpaid, overrated, overeverything else. We’re good here.


San Jose coach Patton Oswalt pulling goaler Antti Niemi when they’re down three. Did Oswalt really think his guys were going to get three past Crawford? Hell, the only reason they got two is because they got some help from Brent Seabrook. This is a dumb idea.


The Shorks’ sweaters. What the hell, guys? I’m guessing Dougie got the box of sweaters from Reebok and got them on the phone:

WILSON: Hi, Doug Wilson from San Jose here. Got the new sweaters. I think you put the wrong numbers on the sleeves, they’re the same size as the ones on the back.

REEBOK: I’m sorry Mr. Wilson. We can fix that, but it will take 6 to 8 weeks.

WILSON: Ah, screw that, we’ll just go with these.

Either that or he decided to just go with knockoffs from Hong Kong.



Updated: March 14, 2015 — 6:08 pm


  1. Crawford has been pretty damn good for most of the year. I think his only rough stretch was about a week or two after his injury and that only lasted five or six games. As you said, the last eight games, he’s been nothing short of great.

    The only thing that is bothering me about the team is Roszival continuing to play. Rundblad has been better this year. He’s younger, a bit quicker and can score an occasional goal. I don’t think Erixon will play again and van Riemsdyk is probably another two weeks away from returning.

    1. Frank Beard's Mustache

      Erixon was put on waivers by the Hawks and claimed by the Leafs on 3/1, so you won’t have to worry about him playing again.

  2. I remain disappointed that Carcillo is still on the roster.

    But 6 goals?!?! OK…5 plus the EN slam dunk freebee. Was a shocking display…

    …and I dare ’em to keep it up. No….I double-dog dare ’em !!

  3. As usual I agree wih a lot your delphic ponderings, but blaming Coach Q for rolling with 9 forwards wasn’t why we lost to the Kings. Crow and Leddy combined to let in a soft goal in OT in Game 7.

    They immediately got rid of Leddy and I’m guessing they couldn’t get more than a bag of pucks for Cor-dawg and his gold rush pay day. Anyone could pit up Corey’s numbers with the Hawks offensive stars. 80 percent of the play is in the oppositions zone. If it wasn”t for posts and cross bars(loved the steel beams reference to Sharps luck lately- you got onething right at least), Coreywould be lingering in Rockford.

    Is it just me or does Timmonen remind you a bot of BobMurray?

    Sam Fels several years back had a great observation on the Dharls sweater; “Dude, your boy ftiends wearing teal.”

  4. Fi wuz dug wilsin i’d bring keneen back to da u.s. and have him beat da crap atta dem azzwipes. Dat show em who’z da captin. Shorkys coach gotta go. Dats all.

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