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I’M ANGRY: Hawks 4, Leafs 1


The Hawks beat the Leafs tonight. Patrick Kane had a hat trick, Scott Darling got a win, and Toronto fans will have to console themselves with the fact that Bryan Bickell will surely want to come home and play in Ontario after his contract expires next year.

But that’s not why I’m angry.  I’m angry because of the complete steaming pile of bullshit foisted on John Scott by the NHL.

Now, longtime readers will know that this website has a long and complicated relationship with the Murdersaurus.  In fact, we were trying to make John Scott an All-Star long before it was cool.

But whatever our history, here’s what we know: John Scott, due to various online shenanigans was not only elected to the All-Star Game this year, but was elected captain of the Pacific division’s team.  During the voting, Scott went from not appreciating the gesture, to thinking it was kind of cool to fully embracing it and *UPDATE* printing up t-shirts .  It really was kind of a cool story: a bad, journeyman hockey player was going to play in the NHL’s All-Star Game.  Sort of like Rudy, if Rudy was a giant man capable of killing us all and not engaging in fraudulent stock schemes.

And then the NHL struck.  Reports are that both the league itself and Scott’s team, the Arizona Coyotes were applying pressure to Scott to skip the game, and when that failed to work, he was sent to Montreal in a 3 way deal (and immediately demoted to the AHL).  With the Murdersaurus now in the Eastern Conference, it seems his All-Star bid will be ended on a technicality.

Now, you’ll certainly not get any argument from me that John Scott is one of the best players in the NHL (or the AHL for that matter), but I would argue that the NHL had already acknowledged that the All-Star Game is not only not a real game, but not even actual hockey, since the format has now been changed to a 3 on 3 tournament.  So what’s the point of all this shit? Why have the fans vote for an All-Star if the NHL is going to hold a veto over the spot anyway?  Why would the league and one of its teams go to such lengths to keep a guy out of a game that nobody gives a shit about?  WHY WOULD THEY ELIMINATE THE ONE ASPECT OF ALL-STAR WEEKEND THAT WAS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE INTERESTING?

Alas, I cannot answer any of these questions because I am not a joyless raging superasshole who works for the NHL.  I’m just a guy who feels kind of bad, because I cast what I thought was a harmless vote for a John Scott to make the All-Star team, and now he’s been traded and separated from his pregnant wife.

Fuck this bullshit.


  1. Damn them to hell for making me root for John Scott.

  2. Agreed,CT
    It’s also worth noting that they’ve foisted this upheaval on him with his wife due to give birth in the next week or so.

  3. Scott has an awesome personality with a great sense of humor. They should have miced him up during the game, it would have been comedy gold.

  4. I haven’t seen Scott play a game since he left the Hawks. He was a very well liked person, if you didn’t judge him soley on his hockey abilities.

    Those hockey abilities are probably higher than most of us could begin to imagine. The last year he was with the Hawks, I noticed he had improved his skating. There is no doubt in my mind that he worked extra hard on his skating in the off season.

    Scott would have been a welcome acquisition on most teams in the olden days – thankfully the game has evolved where much of the extra-curricular activity is going the way of the dinosaur. Trust me, I can’t stand the fight two minutes into the game when the enforcers drop them for no apparent reason. But there was a time you definitely needed to have a tough guy on the bench.

    CT, you’re point/allegation is a serious one though. I find it hard to believe that the NHL would stoop so low, but I guess it’s a possibility. And you are totally correct in saying Scott would have been the most intetesting part of the All Star Game.

    It was sort of fun having thr heavy weight champoon of the NHL on the Hawks for awhile.

    Did anyone see the commercial where Scott is by the glass waiting for a faceoff? A fan with a Scott jersey starts making a commotion to get his attention. When Scott finally turns to see who was calling his name, the fan turns around to show him Scott’s name onthe back of his jersey.

    Scott gives him a huge smile and a thumbs up.

    I loves me some Fluffy – let him play with a Coyotes jersey on NHL. I might even consider watching thr game then.

  5. Great recap!

  6. And, lest we forget, Fluffy was an actor in the Greatest Hockey Headline Of All Time:


    Yes I just watched that clip ten times, because fuck Donald Dorsett.

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