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I’m Getting Too Old For This: BLACKHAWKS 4 BLUES 3, 2OT (Blues Lead Series 3-2)

We've got top people.

We’ve got top people.

So the last time these two teams met, the Chicago Blackhawks were in full meltdown mode, with known bonehead Andrew Shaw getting caught on camera yelling a sexual slur at officials after flipping double rockets at them. Not only was this a dumb thing to do, but we got treatises on the First Amendment from people who got a D minus in high school social studies suddenly thinking they’re Oliver Wendell Holmes. So it was great.

How would things go this time around?

The Hawks came into this game with their backs against the wall, with Tuesday night’s clusterfuck putting them down 3 games to 1, and the game looking as if both teams had traded uniforms. Tonight the Hawks came out with more of a sense of urgency, and they got their forwards more involved in the offense, jumping out to a 3-1 lead by the end of the second period, as Artemi Panarin scored with a fraction of a second left in the period.

Of course, the Blues didn’t want to let the Hawks off the mat, so of course they tied the game with about 5 minutes left in regulation. So into overtime we went. And went.

The Little Idiot closed it out in the second overtime, as the defense of the Stanley Cup continues, at least until Saturday night

Let’s get to this:


Marian Hossa. He got a shorthanded goal to open scoring in the second period. No forwards had been particularly visible unless, as previously stated, they were flipping off officials. So Hossa getting his shortie led to 3 goals in the period for the Hawks, all by forwards.

Panarin’s buzzer-beater looked like the backbreaker, and his quick release was the reason it was a goal at all. Those four tenths of a second could have passed with the puck on a lesser player’s stick.


I keep trying to cut Trevor Van Reimsdyk some slack. Due to his injury last year, this wound up being his first full NHL season. He got thrown into a situation where a lot more was asked of him than he could deliver…I mean, I keep having Nick Leddy flashbacks. Maybe he’ll be a legitimate top 4 defenseman someday, but for now he’s looking like he’s in over his head.

If I say David Rundblad was excellent, what are the chances some GM will read it and decide he’s what their blue line needs for next season? Zero? Oh well. He blows.


These 8:30 starts are bullshit. Foley said as much in the 3rd, and he’s right. Any time one of these goes to overtime, and you’re up until midnight. For two midwestern teams playing, this is unacceptable.

Brandon Mashinter skating in overtime of an elimination game.


14. Play us off:

Fro is the worst.


  1. The “Advent Calendar” is… well, it’s fucking great. Delighted to see the rat pizza in there along with drunk LaRussa.

    1. Beavis & Butt-Head are what gets me.

  2. I think they are just out of gas, when was the last time the BlackHawks blew leads in the 3rd period in 3 consecutive games, and games that they scored first ? Something just seems off with this team, i haven’t them turn on that switch that tells everyone that this is the best team in Hockey. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

  3. Dudes. Don’t yous fags know dat ug ga sha ka ain’t no holiday road? I jus hope Shawsie ain’t too sensitive from his brainwarshing trainink. Tock ta yous fags later.

  4. McCreary's Mustache

    Milbury is worster.

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