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Let Us Know When You Win A Cup: Hawks 2, Canucks 3 (OT)

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Yeah, I’m bitter about this one.  The Hawks played a pretty good game against a pretty good team tonight and came up on the short end, losing 3-2 to the Canucks in overtime.  It was your standard Hawks/Canucks game at this point, featuring excellent goaltending, periods of sustained offense by both sides, and Alex Burrows being a penisloaf.
Other than the outcome, it was a fun way to restart the season. 

Toews/Kane/Stalberg – This line was all over the place tonight, I counted 204 scoring chances between them.  Both Stalberg and Toews had chances to win the game in overtime, although Stals got screwed when the refs put away the whistle and he took a slash to the hands as he broke in alone on Cory Schneider.
Corey Crawford – Crow had a pretty damn good game tonight.  He was still and adventure with some of the rebounds, but he made a number of excellent stops, particularly in the first period when the Hawks withstood a barrage of shots from the Canucks, and in the third when the score was tied at 2.
Duncan Keith – Keith looked like DUNCAN KEITH out there.  He was the man in front of the net tonight, clearing rebounds and saving at least a couple of goals, as well as doing a great job in the neutral zone, anticipating Vancouver’s passes and starting the Hawks offense back the other way.
Cory Schneider – [hat tip]


Nik & Nick – these guys were an adventure in their own zone, especially in the 1st period.
Brendan Morisson and Patrick Sharp – they definitely looked like two guys trying to shake off the rust.  Morrison in particular looked like he missed feeding his old Canucks teammates and tried to make up for the lost time by passing to them at every opportunity.  Both guys got better as the game went along, so hopefully they just need to get back in the groove.

I love Andrew Shaw, really I do, but the kid he took too many big hits.  And while it’s nice that Pat Foley chuckles at his ability to absorb punishment, one of these nights, Shaw isn’t going to get up from one of those.
Up Next: Hawks take on the Oilers Thursday.  Hockeenight’s Morph does the first recap that consists of nothing but photoshops.
I’m going to bed.
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