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2: Hawks 2, Bolts 1

game 4


If Game 3 was frustrating, Game 4 was stroke inducing.  Tonight the Lightning seemed a step faster, to pass better, and to be right on top of every Hawk that had the puck.  And they lost.  So, the teams go back to Tampa tied, and play a 3 game series for the Stanley Cup.


Corey Crawford – Crow stopped 24 shots tonight, and it seemed like 21 of those came in the final 2 minutes. I am sweaty.

Jonathan Toews – Toews was on a mission tonight. He was all over ice, playing his usual great two-way game and scoring the Hawks 1st goal.


Power Play – the Hawks were 0 for 3 tonight, and they seemed to be trying too hard to find that perfect shot. The problem is, the Bolts started a rookie goaltender in place of the injured Ben Bishop, so ANY shot generated at that point would have been a good one.  Both Hawks goals came off rebound scrums in front of the net, not on pretty passing plays.

Breakouts – the Hawks were determined to throw the puck up the boards when attempting to exit their own zone, and Tampa was all over them.  Part of the discombobulation might be chalked up to their coach’s head scratching lines, but still, if the Hawks want to get decent zone exits, they’re going to need to start looking to the middle.


The lines…THE LINES.  I’m not sure if Joel Quenneville is insane or if he just hates us, but whatever that was tonight, let us never see it again.  Q nearly succeeded in outcoaching himself by completely juggling his lines, including neutralizing Andrew Shaw by putting him back at center (despite the fact that he’s been playing some of the best hockey of his career this series ON THE WING).  All of this seemed to be nothing more than change for change sake.  By the end of the game, order seemed to have been restored, but Jesus Christ, Q.



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  1. Crawford.

    Would have been epic to see Kimmo’s shot go in, instead got the post.

  2. Frank Beard's Mustache

    You guys keep outdoing yourselves with the photoshops. Q spinning the Price is Right wheel made my night! Keep it up, I can’t wait for the last one of the series!

  3. Thankfully, a SV% of .89 will not typically beat the Hawks; but wasn’t this a bit too close? MOAR shots if you please.

    The view from behind enemy lines is worrisome with the way this is going(It will not be pleasant for me should the Hawks lose this series).

    People here love to gloat when up and typically get pissy when they lose–and even then, they never admit they lost, they just go through what-ifs: Well if General Lee would have used state road fifteen, we would have flanked Grant and took Maryland…so, you Yankees are lucky

  4. I really don’t understand the complaint about the lines. Q shook things up in the 2nd and the ‘Hawks started getting chances. So, it wasn’t what we’d like to see on paper. It got the ‘Hawks out of their funk, though, and then Q went back to normalcy.

  5. That was the most infuriating hockey game I have ever watched.

    Joel Quenneville hates us. That’s the only answer I have left. The problem in Game 3 wasn’t that the lines weren’t working, its that they missed out on (what should be) no miss empty net chances! Same with game 1 against anaheim, he responded to a game in which the Hawks outplayed Anaheim coming off a series sweep, by hitting the panic line switch button. Have a little faith in your fucking team, quit handcuffing them to prove your the savviest brand of savvy this side of savoirfare.

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