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PENALTY KILLED: Blues 3, Blackhawks 2 (Blues Lead Series 2-1)

Man the people that do the shopping on here are really god damn good at it.

Man the people that do the shopping on here are really god damn good at it.

Today marked the first postseason hockey game in the United Center since the Stanley Cup arrived late due to an Old Testament-like deluge in June 2015. However, this time rather than our august cathedral being infested by Jim Belushi, it was infested by the St. Louis Blues. The jury is still out on which is worse.

How did it go?

Fan-fucking-tastic. After Blues’ coach and Arby’s enthusiast Ken Hitchcock pissed and moaned about the refs and NHL being in the bag for the Hawks following their Game 2 loss, the Blues did everything in their power to make it a self-fulfilling accusation in the first period, giving the Hawks plenty of power play time, which resulted in an early goal by Brent Seabrook. However, for the entire game the Hawks managed a pathetic 4 shots in over 6 minutes of penalty time, while the Blues got two power play goals of their own, including the game winner, as the Hawks fell to their inbred foes 3-2, and coughed up home ice for the series.

Let’s get to this:


Corey Crawford. While the Hawks seemed uninterested in stopping the Blues from waltzing in on Crow uncontested, Crow did all he could to keep the Hawks from blowing this game. Sadly, a bouncing puck from 45 feet out that I’m sure he’d say he should have stopped off the stick of Patrik Berglund and the leg of Michael Rozsival wound up being a huge blemish on an otherwise sterling effort.

Artemi Panerin. This boy wants it. He had serious jump all afternoon, and (apparently) intentionally lost a faceoff to pursue the puck in the corner and flip it to Artem Anisimov for a goal in the second period. Head-and-shoulders above the Hawks’ forwards with much gaudier playoff resumes.


Patrick Kane. The little idiot was a hot mess most of the game, ending with taking a double minor high sticking penalty that led to the Blues winning the game. He’s been quiet the entire series so far, and if he stays quiet then his offseason will be a lot longer than usual. And Patrick Kane with extra free time isn’t good for anybody.

Special teams. We’ve already talked about how the Hawks didn’t capitalize the way they should have with the man advantage. Effective penalty killing is the key to the Hawks’ success. Making the Blues Power Play look like the 85 Oilers isn’t the pathway to having another parade.

Dale Weise. Why?


Niklas Hjalmarsson had a -15 Corsi in this game. Woof.


Next up is Game 4 Tuesday.

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