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Sure Why Not? Hawks 5, Sharks 2


Sharknadoes are never seen diring the postseason.

Sharknadoes are never seen during the postseason.

So on Friday, the Hawks played a dominating game against Washington, then biffed it away with 3 lousy minutes.  Tonight seemed like the opposite.  The Hawks scored 3 goals in 2 minutes during the first period, then seemed to spend the next 25 minutes floundering. They ended up recovering somewhat in the third period, thanks to a nice individual effort by Bryan Bickell but up to that point a San Jose equalizer had seemed inevitable.  Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.



Trevor VanRiemsdyk – the kid played just under 17 minutes, many of them paired with Duncan Keith and scored his first career goal.

RONNIE PICKLE – Andrew Shaw aside, Ronnie and Brandon Saad play really well together. They had a couple of 2 on 1 opportunities tonight, but Bickell’s goal came on a good individual effort in which he bulled out from behind the Sharks’  net with the puck, turned around an blew a wrister past Antti Niemi.

Corey Crawford – Somehow the Hawks managed to find a way to win despite Crawford surrendering 2 whole goals.  THAT’S SARCASM YOU FUCKS



Andrew Shaw – Shaw’s been a complete tire fire for most of this season. Tonight, with the Hawks up 3-1 he took a needless double-minor for high sticking that led to San Jose’s second goal. Andrew Shaw is not a center and he is not a top 6 forward.  Which is not all his fault because…

Joel Quenneville – What. Are. These. Lines.  Kris Versteeg manages to neutralize Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews more effectively than any defensive pairing in the NHL. Andrew Shaw has already been discussed.  Ben Smith is going to play every position on every line before the end of the season. I cannot go on.



I’m not sure why I’m so negative after a game the Hawks won, but I am. Maybe it’s the news that the salary cap may not be rising next season. Maybe I’m just tired of the Andrew Shaw show. Maybe it was Joel Quenneville venturing that Versteeg was actually responsible for TVR’s first goal during his postgame press conference. Maybe it was the Bears giving up 42 points to Green Bay in the first half of tonight’s game.  Maybe I just need some damn sleep. Whatever the issue, my attitude is extremely ugly tonight.


Is it fair to give the hottest take to myself? Because that’s what I’m doing:


Up Next: The Hawks take on the Tampa Bay Lightning Tuesday night.

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