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Svengoalie: Hawks 1, Sharks 2 (SO)

Before we get into this, a word about the Hawks broadcast.
Now, I’m aware that the whole “Foley has lost his fastball” thing has already made its way around the blogosphere.  And I’m aware that Foley and Edzo are sometimes given talking points that they are supposed to hit during broadcasts.  That said, I have to say, the denigration of players who once wore the Indianhead and left the organization through no fault of their own is getting old.  We’ve been through it previously with Edzo hilariously stating that Brian Campbell was traded because he’d be a 5th d-man on the Hawks now.  And Viktor Stalberg is going to get drilled by Pat and Eddie every time Chicago and Nashville faceoff.  
But tonight, the Great Pat Foley had the long knives out for Martin Havlat.  There was even a fancy graphic that compared Havlat’s numbers to Marian Hossa’s since the 2009 offseason, when the Hawks essentially chose between the two free agents.  And to that I say: FUCK YOU PAT FOLEY (and to a lesser extent, Ed Olczyk).  For all of Foley’s service to the Organ-I-zation, he should remember what it’s like to get dumped as part of a business decision.  And unlike Foley, Havlat had just risked his health and career by rushing back to play in a playoff game 3 days after being knocked out cold.  So fuck you again, Pat Foley.  I’ve got no issues with the effort Havlat gave in Chicago, and neither should you.
Oh, and one observation I’ve been kicking around about Olczyk.  We all love to laugh at the idea of Mike Milbury analyzing hockey on the TV because he was the worst GM in history.  Yet it’s conveniently forgotten that the wise Professor Olczyk, whose hockey brilliance is not to be questioned, was easily one most inept head coaches to ever be employed in the NHL.  And yes, I am including Dirk Graham.

Corey Crawford – The Svengoalie was on tonight.  Crow looked confident, saw the puck well, even through traffic and gave up only a single goal on a hilariously stupid power play by the Hawks.
Penalty Kill – The Blackhawks killed all 4 penalties they took tonight, and it appears that the PK may finally be rounding back back into shape.

I don’t remember much being bad. I’m sure something was, but if you’re so goddamned sober, why don’t YOU tell ME what was bad, smart guy?
Oh yeah, the shootout.  Shootouts are always bad.

Late starts.  Damn Gary Bettman and his insistence on putting hockey franchises in the Pacific Time Zone.  9:30 CST starts are inhuman, and I don’t care if it is Saturday.  I’ve got to be up early to start watching Super Bowl pregame for god’s sake!
Up Next: the Hawks play the Kings Monday at 9:30pm because fuck sleep.
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