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This Used To Be A Thing: Hawks 1, Canucks 4


Remember when this was a big rivalry?  A Blackhawks/Canucks meeting used to be one of the most hotly anticipated matchups of the season.  Goals were scored, gloves were dropped, hair was pulled and Alain Vigneault sat behind the bench with a stunned look on his face.  The Hawks won two Cups, Vancouver won zero and somewhere in there, the Canucks said “fuck it” and decided to burn down their franchise and collect the insurance money.

And oddly enough, that plan seems to have worked.  Sure, they invested that money in Ryan Miller, who we last saw packing up his shit after the Blues’ first round loss and speeding out of St. Louis at 112 MPH, but he seems to be doing all right so far this year.  But the sad fact is, not even the addition of Radim Vrbata can make this a rivalry again.  Maybe the Hawks and Canucks will rekindle magic in a Conference Finals matchup this year.  I wouldn’t bet on it though.


Corey Crawford: Despite what certain Twitter irritants might think, Corey Crawford was very good tonight. He made some excellent saves on the penalty kill tonight, and kept Chicago in the game until the very end.

I got nothing. Literally nothing else.



Atmosphere – The Vancouver crowd was deader than Jim Belushi’s career this evening.  Granted, the game was boring as shit, but even the orchestrated booing of Duncan Keith was lackluster.

The Hawks – Most of the Blackhawks looked like they were skating in cement.  Jesus Christ was this game boring as shit. Just nothing happened.  Goddamn, why couldn’t this have been yesterday’s game?

Michael Rozsival – Rozie’s just a hot mess right now.  I never thought I’d say this, but it’s Rundblad time.


A hat trick for Jannik Hansen? Really?


Here’s the best thing I saw all night:


Up Next: The Blackhawks take on the Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday night.

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