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WELP: Hawks 3, Blues 4 (Blues Lead Series 3-1)

Man the people that do the shopping on here are really god damn good at it.

Man the people that do the shopping on here are really god damn good at it.


Well, now it’s interesting.



Duncan Keith – Duncan Keith is good.  Joel Quenneville did a lot of line juggling during the game but none of that changed the fact that the Hawks are a different team when Keith’s on the ice.  The lack of defensive depth may finally be catching up with the Hawks.

Andrew Shaw

Corey Crawford – Head up, Crow, you deserved better than this garbage.

Alex Steen and Vladmir Tarasenko – they’re both really good. The Hawks should probably watch these guys.


Trade Deadline Acquisitions – What to Andrew Ladd, Tomas Fleischmann, Dale Weise and Christian Erhoff have in common?  I’ll let you know if I see any of them.

TVR/Roszival – TVR probably deserves his own plaque in this section, but pairing him with Rozie is just an extra special turd sundae with cat litter on top.

Patrick Kane – the Hawks in general were guilty of too many cutesy passes, but Kane was the easy leader in this category, and it led to a number of near disastrous turnovers.

Penalty Kill – Terrible, just terrible.


A tie between the Roszival/TVR turnover that led to the Blues 4th goal and Duncan Keith’s crazy fluttering nine-iron that gave the Hawks their 3rd.



Up Next: It’s do or die time on Thursday night.


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