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So, it’s the Stanley Cup Final now.  After what seemed like an interminable amount of waiting, back-slapping interviews, and Steve Yzerman gushing about Jonathan Toews, it was time to put all that shit aside and play some hockey.

Anyway, the game went like this: Tampa game out fast, seemed to get all the “puck luck” and got the first goal on a deflection so ridiculous that almost nobody on earth could be angry about it.

The Hawks weathered the storm, thanks in large part to their goaltender, and then slowly exerted their will while the Bolts (I am NOT going to be constantly typing out Lightning during this series) seemed content to sit back and hope their concrete bunker could withstand whatever the Hawks threw at it.  Which seems ridiculous to me.  Tampa is not going to defend their way to 1-0 victories over the Blackhawks.  But by all means, they should keep trying.


Corey Crawford – Crow was great tonight, giving up one goal on an impossible deflection, then keeping his team in it until they found their offense. To top things off he made a great save on a Ryan Callahan breakway in the 3rd period just before the Hawks tied the game, then closed things down during the last 2 minutes. GOALER WIN

Teuvo Teravainen – The tying goal and an assist on the game winner? Yeah, that’s pretty good for a 20 year old kid who got benched against the Ducks for godknowswhat.

The Third Period – Tampa sat back in the third period and were content to chip the puck out of their zone without attempting any kind of offense. Maybe they were hoping for some odd man rushes with the Hawks D cheating in, but Chicago was too disciplined for that. Anyway, the tying goal seemed inevitable at that point, and Tampa was never able to kick their offense back into gear.


Eh, nothing really terrible.  Even Kris Versteeg had a nice night.


Kris Versteeg, back in the lineup for the first time since Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals managed to pressure the Bolts into a turnover, drive to the net, get tripped, hit his face on the post and somehow be penalized for goaltender interference, all in one shift. VERSTEEG IS BACK BABY!


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Up Next: Game 2, on Saturday night.


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