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ONCE MORE ‘ROUND THE SUN: Hockeenight Turns 6

So it was in May 2008 that Fork and CT decided independently of one another that they wanted to start up a Blackhawks site. Fork wanted a forum for being a wiseass, and CT wanted a place for his Sergio Momesso fanfic. They decided joining forces would require half as much money, and more importantly, half as much work.

On June 3, 2008 Hockeenight was born. There weren’t many Blackhawks sites out there that we could draw any influence from, so we basically tried to capture what Desipio and Hire Jim Essian did with the Cubs. We even tried doing some Onion-style things back then, and even had Slats Radke and Pierre Duguay pitch in. Wonder if either of those guys are still alive. Same goes for the guys who do Desipio & HJE.
As time went on, what the site evolved into is what you see here. Slak brings his hateful hilarity. Morph is a photoshop Genious, Thrill brings potato chips, Shwartziest is the lawyer who can get us out of trouble, and of course Umlaut oversees the whole shebang.
Krista pitches in, and she’s become a Puckcast regular. Dave Morris is always willing to lend a hand as well. GifMaster Nick has been a recent blessing. Hell, you want to write for us? Send an email.


I’d like to say none of it would be possible without you readers. I’d like to say it, but it would be bullshit, and you guys deserve better. I’d want to keep the site running if CT and I were the only ones reading it, simply because I’m easily CT’s biggest fan. He is one fucking funny dude. I’m really happy to be associated with all the talented people who contribute here, and am certainly comfortable in the role of being the one with the least ability. When we started the site, neither of us felt like using our actual names. After seeing clods like Al Yellon use a blog to get their ego stroked, I was perfectly happy going through my day without anyone knowing who I was. things have changed a bit now. I’ve had a couple people recognize my voice, of all things, from Puckcasts. People have thanked me for what we do here, which is very gratifying, and I always make sure that everyone knows how great everyone who isn’t me is. And no, I’m not fishing for compliments here. I’m a huge fanboy for everyone else that contributes.

There is one thing we couldn’t do without you guys…GONNA DRINKEN. We’ve managed to raise thousands of dollars by simply setting up shop at Galway Bay and you guys coming down to have fun. Between that and making BC into a rock star, that has been more than I ever could have expected. I’m glad that you guys include us as part of your hockey experience, and we’ll always try to bring the idiocy you have come to expect from us. Enjoy the shrimp cocktail.

If you had told me 6 years ago that Hockeenight would still be going strong, I’d have thought that was pretty good.  If you had told me that Fork and I would be joined by much more talented  people and that we’d resurrect the Blackhawks, propel them to two Stanley Cups and save the sport of hockey for North America, I’d have said that was pretty great.  And if you’d told me that our greatest accomplishment was somehow making “Holiday Road” the unofficial playoff anthem of the 2013 Stanley Cup playoff run, well, I’d say that sounds about right.
Usually on these anniversary posts, I just sort of smartass my way through it. But if I could be serious for a moment, I would like to thank you, our readers.  After I graduated college my group of “hockey guys” drifted away (and the Hawks descended into complete shit) and as I recognized that the team was going to be getting good, I started casting around for other people who might care.  It’s how I struck up a friendship with Fork and now this weird little community that’s coalesced around our blog has given me back a hockey crew.  I really do feel that sports (and even SPORTZ) are best as a shared experience.  Regardless of our differences, we all love the game of hockey and specifically the Blackhawks. Sports should be fun, and a sports blog should be fun.  So thank you all for making it fun for me.

Literally none of the cool stuff I’ve gotten to take part in would be possible without this website. This season was too good to be true. I got to write six Hatecaps in a row. I got to take part in the Blues eulogy for Yahoo. None of these things are possible without Fork and CT. 
I think being involved in the great and sometimes confusing world of Blackhawks blogging has made watching the Blackhawks that much more special. 
Anyway it’s extremely cool that people read our stuff and even cooler that they seem to enjoy some of it. Even the Nashville recaps. I’m already looking forward to next season. 

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