The Malört of Hockey Blogs

CLOSING TIME: Hockeenight Calls It A Day

The Blaze of glory we always wanted to go out in.

After 8 years of breathing life into this shit-for-brains web site, it’s time to call it.

What started as two knuckleheads wanting to goof around and write about the Chicago Blackhawks with enough inside jokes to keep their friends amused turned into an inexplicable roller coaster ride that brought countless new friends into the fold. Those new friends got let into all our dumb jokes, and other people stopped by, scratched their heads and wondered what it was all about. Then left in disgust.

But the last year brought rape allegations, revenge porn, homophobic slurs, and countless dudebros defending the indefensible simply because the perpetrators happened to play sports for a team they supported. What had once been a pleasure became a labor.

And this year had a “staying together for the kids” feel to it. We didn’t recap at all, until we saw where we could provide a little levity to some friends going through a tough time, but I’m sure you’ll agree that our hearts clearly weren’t in it. And you guys deserve better.

But the way the Chicago Blackhawks handled every one of these incidents made it clear to us that this was no longer an organization that we could continue supporting in this way. We couldn’t bring our usual hubris to things we’ve done in the past like “View From The Top” knowing that we couldn’t defend our own with a clear conscience.

And we always promised each other that we’d do this until it was no longer fun, and here we are. Spending this season tilting at windmills simply got exhausting, and watching and recapping Blackhawks games simply got to be something that neither of us wanted to do, since it’s not our livelihood.

That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy our run. We got to be, in our own small insignificant way, part of three Stanley Cup championships. We got to raise a lot of money over the years to help a lot of people. And God only knows how much Malort was consumed. All the recaps, photoshops, victory anthems, you name it. And of course the Puckcast, which will continue – in fact, we’re planning a live one for the Hockeenight Viking Funeral. Details will be posted here.

So before we get to each of us being sentimental, here’s our last request:

When we started, we could only find two Blackhawks sites that were active. Now there are dozens. To them, we ask that you keep everyone honest. Keep punching up, even if it means landing blows on the Hawks’ chin. Don’t let blind loyalty steer you away from what you see with your own eyes. And write each day as if you know you’re introducing somebody to the game of hockey. It’s the greatest sport in the world, and it’s up to all of us to evangelize it, and not just at the NHL level. And to the professional keyboard jockeys – just because you don’t expect answers to tough questions doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be asked. You’re the only ones with access. Remember the team needs press coverage more than the press needs the team.

To CSN Chicago…you’re welcome.

Finally to the Chicago Blackhawks…be the organization you tell everyone you are.


I’m going first here, because CT deserves the last word. It’s really been a privilege to write with him all this time, and I’ve always looked forward to reading his recaps, his “View From The Top” posts, you name it. I can say without hesitation that I’m his biggest fan.

We’ve had writers come and go too, and we’ve been fortunate that they’ve all been great. Beth’s recaps were our unsung heroes, Slak’s hatecaps were epic, Krista’s utter loathing of all things Winnipeg always brought me untold joy (not to mention, I didn’t have to recap any shitty Jets games), and Brandon represents the next generation. Of course, Dave Morris chipping in here and there always made it extra fun.

Then there’s the photoshops. Everyone who did them did amazing work. I could ask, “Can you give me Q spinning a wheel with jersey numbers?”, and what the result would be was always so far beyond my expectations. Just brilliant work done by brilliant people.

Big Cheyenne – thanks for being a good sport. If Hockeenight was basically the hockey version of Mad Magazine, you were our Alfred E. Neumann.

I’m really grateful and humbled by how many people have read our site, and have listened to the Puckcast. I still remember at one of our “Gonna Drinken” things, CT and I kind of looked at each other, then at the 50 or so people who we didn’t know prior to the site, and couldn’t believe what we created. But the truth is, I don’t think the community was our creation, so much as the community was always there, and we just gave them a water cooler to gather around. We always welcomed everyone, and the only comments that we ever removed were spam.

And I always liked the fact that we were able to use our humor to get our points across. Fels, Block and company always took the more cerebral route, but being cerebral wasn’t really our thing. Not to mention, it’s hockey, for God’s sake. It’s supposed to be fun. One thing I always enjoyed was our group buys because every time we did one, somebody was seeing their first-ever NHL game. We even got Big Cheyenne to a Hawks game this season. I also enjoyed giving so many people their first-ever shot of Malort. Plus, I’ve got a few signed printouts of articles from our site, like “Looking Back” pieces signed by Mikita, Savard, Nesterenko and Dennis Hull on the wall in my office at home to remember all this by.
But trying to remember all the shit we’ve done over eight years is impossible – I think I’d need to mainline ginkgo biloba in order to bring it all back. What was our best gag? #Shawfacts? Big Cheyenne? #StalbergPorn? The Victory Anthems? #BlackhawkLegendBobbyOrr? View From The Top? #GorillaSalad? The Mathletes? Donald? Taint Nugget? I actually should have never stopped doing Slats Radke, to be honest. Not to mention a friend of the site “improving” a photo album of high-ranking member of the Hawks’ front office, Hockeenight-style. We made a lot of friends and enemies, and even though it’s not ending the way I hoped it would (maybe 40 years from now with a memorial to yours truly), I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Thanks guys. I hope we made you all as happy as you made me.

Fro is still, and will always be, the worst.


When I first came to this site, I was merely a Puckcast guest (after hounding Frick and Frack for the chance). Now I’m one of your infamous Puckcast co-hosts as well as the author of hatecaps that only pale in comparison to Slak’s. I’ve also made some pretty cool friends along the way. I’m grateful to Fork and CT for giving me the chance to channel my seething hatred for the Jets and Hellhole while exhibiting my mediocre at best writing skills. Don’t worry, I’ll still be trying to get blocked by Team Moose Fucker, so tune in to Twitter for that. Thanks to everyone, and as always, FUCK WINNIPEG.


I’ve gotta thank Fork because he was the person that Malörted me. And also for some fucking reason asked me to write for this site and it was a damn honor.


If I hadn’t sent a semi-drunj email to Fork after the 2014 WCF, I wouldn’t have been a part of this. Damn, am I glad I did. It’s been a hell of a good time, and thank you all for letting me play along at home. S/T to the Tron Army cats for issuing the #ChiVanShap challenge.


It’s hard to figure out how it’s come to this, but it has. I’m not going to rehash the reasons, but I’ve always said that when running this blog was no longer fun, we’d stop doing it. I think you can infer the rest from there.

But that doesn’t wipe out all the fun I’ve had up until this season. Just thinking of about some of the dumb shit we’ve happily pulled brings a little smile to face. Whether it was hanging weird nicknames on players, starting the legend of the Sopel’s dong, receiving a bottle of beer with BC on the label, helping to steal the Coyotes “AROOOO” on Twitter, watching Fork trying to do that weird “waterfall” shot thing at Galway Bay, providing in-depth analysis of upper deckers, seeing Edzo “like” a photoshop of himself eating soft serve or getting Chris Block blacklisted from the Wolves locker room, I can say I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do.  Well, except for finding out which Blackhawk is the favorite of European Muscle Bear Band singers.

No wait, we did that too.

Of course, before we sign off, I’d be remiss if I didn’t hand out some thank you’s:

To Morph, Thrill, Steve, Nick Mighty Mike D – Your photoshops started as a fun diversion and basically became their own industry, and rightfully so. The stuff you guys did was brilliant. May it be stolen and circulated on the internet without attribution for all eternity.

To Slak – I don’t know if you invented the Hatecap, but it was fun watching you perfect it.

To Krista – Thanks for making it to all those Puckcasts, and for carrrying the load when it came to recapping those terrible Winnipeg games.

To Casey – thanks for giving us a great looking site, and I wish we’d provided the content to do it justice.

To everybody who filled in when Fork and I realized at the last minute we couldn’t recap a game: Brandon, Beth, Dave Morris (TABERNAC!) and the guys listed above, thanks.

To The Committed Indian, The Third Man In, The Fifth Feather and Cheer the Anthem – I feel like we were the beachhead in the Blackhawks blog invasion. It was a blast sharing the internets with you guys.

To BC- thanks. Just thanks, man.

To crew on Twitter – thanks for hanging out with me, teaching me some cool stuff about hockey analytics (HI JEN) and just being a lot of fun.

To anybody whoever contributed to the site, be it an article, a comment, an e-mail, a tweet a guest spot on a Puckcast or if you just bothered to read this mess, thanks.

To @montanabrenan – You’re welcome.

To JABE LUNK – Happy 50th Birthday, big guy.

And finally, to my good friend Forklift. Fork likes to poor mouth his contributions around here, and whatever you think of our respective writing output, know this: Forklift has been the heart and soul of Hockeenight. Left to my own devices, nothing would ever get done. But Fork has been the driving force behind getting the site up and running, starting the Puckcast and every GONNA DRINKEN and group buy we’ve done.  It’s been a privilege to do this with him, and I’m happy to call him a friend.  The truth is, the reason that the Puckcast will survive is that we just enjoy shooting the shit together.

And so, that’s it. The end of something, but maybe the beginning of something else. But if you take away just one thing from Hockeenight, I hope it is this:

The Man In The Yellow Hat is a MONSTER.


  1. McCreary's Mustache


  2. One of my favorite memories of being a Blackhawks fan is being on the puckcast and Lightning Roy talking about watching someone poop into a washing machine.

    Thanks for the fun.

  3. You guys did great work and you should be proud of the legacy you leave behind. My only regrets for you is in hearing about the difficulty of the past year, and it was a difficult year for sure. I think one of the hard parts about modern journalism is the need that everyone have a take, and that the take has to be consistent — in fact, that it becomes necessary to cement one’s stance even as new developments reveal themselves. There’s little room for nuance, or evolution, or for taking a position in the middle. The cases of this year — particularly the case of Patrick Kane — highlights that in brilliant neon colors. If that’s what chased you guys out, I’m really sorry to hear it, because you guys deserve to be able to keep going.
    In any case, hold your heads high, know you did great work, and that if you guys are indeed headed towards the sunset, long may you ride…

  4. SHIT. I can’t say I blame you, but the site will be sorely missed. The 3 cup runs are forever linked in my mind with hatecaps, views from the tops, montanabrennan, and photoshops with Big Cheyenne and a bunch of inside jokes I only half understood. Thanks gents.

  5. I lost my password for the shoutcast and never felt it was worth the effort to reset it.

  6. Fro is now the Worst in perpetuity. Thanks for letting me do some bits and bobs here and there and for a great time in Chicago a couple of years ago.. hopefully see you guys soon. Peace.

    1. Come back to Chicago. I want to hit you over the head with a Blackhawks’ bong that I sell at my not-a-head-shop.

  7. This breaks my heart… As much as if not more than when I heard Saad was traded. Fuck that it’s worse. I understand, I really do. I have had the pleasure of reading and listening since just after the first cup run. I enjoyed sharing two cupz thru your site and puck cast. This really is the end of an era… Maybe even more so if Stan can’t find more talent to help Q keeping being Q. I get that this isn’t fun And why… I guess collectively I was hoping we could will fun back into our fandom thru this shared experience. It will be a lot less fun without hockeenight and hockey is amazeballs, but so is hockeenight! Thanks for everything

  8. Well, first off: All of you suck. Each and every one of you.

    Next, I have followed this site from the beginning. There are plenty of memories. I am sure I will forget some. I would like to mention the “Unlimited Mullet Potential” and “Luna Schnozz kills penalties” theories in 2009 and then, in 2010. When the Blackhawks were on the power play, myself and others would post the link to the picture of the mullet. On the penalty kill, we’d throw in the “schnozz” and to our delight, it worked in the Shoutbox.

    Being there for the first two Cups on this site while the game was going on was crazy. In 2013, I can just remember during the two goals in 17 seconds, how many of us posted at the same exact time. Many of the words contained, “holy shit, “fuck yes” and “AROOOOOO”. I was very happy to be with a bunch of you guys on those two nights on this website while sitting on the couch watching.

    The photoshops couldn’t stop me from laughing. They were all just absolutely fan-fucking-tastic.

    It was wonderful meeting a bunch of you over the years. Maybe we will get together some day again. I’ve missed the get-togethers.

    1. You’re the worst.

  9. I’m crying. You’re still my secnd favourites after runsonduncan, but you’re damn good at what you do. And you did it best while making me laugh.

  10. Always liked what you guys did here. Enjoyed being able to be a small part in the fund raising efforts even in absentia. I just wanted to be a part of thiese efforts and You gave me that opening to send both irreverent garbage as well as some hockey related items for prizes. Thanks Forklift.

    On another note, the lack of idol worship here and in the puckcast, the no shit analysis mixed with fart jokes, cigarette commercial jingles, plot line fragments from cartoons, sitcoms and bad movies, talk of Malört cupcakes and then the laughing over each other at a private joke that only 3 people knew was all good fun and sometimes interesting. Will miss this site that is smart enough to make me laugh and dumb enough to keep my interest.

    Oh, the BC belly flop into Corey Perry’s Hot tub Forever.


  11. Rob_rob from canada

    Always enjoyed reading your site/listening to the podcast. Sad to see you go.

  12. In my mid-50’s I must be one of your older readers. But I still find fart jokes, boogers, making fun of people and other stuff like that greatly hilarious.

    Found you a couple years ago when I had a bit of excess time on my hands at a previous job, and have thoroughly enjoyed your writing, humor, photoshops.

    The game analyses are always spot on, the humor is superb.

    And I’d like to commend you for not shouting down your audience and turning off comments like other Hawk blogs have done when there was a hot topic (Kane).

    While I disagree with some of your positions, you have stated your side well and that’s what’s great about this forum, stating opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, and making fun of the rest of the world.

    All the best from Central Illinois (yeah, I’m getting REAL sick of hearing Blues crap…)

    1. Real sick of hearing Blues crap.

    2. Hell, I’m in my mid-60s and loved all of the shit on this site…it was awesome and will be sorely missed.

  13. Man that sucks. But thank you guys for all the laughs. I found Hockeenight during the ’11-’12 season through Cheer the Anthem, and ever since, you guys had become part of the ritual of watching a Hawks game. I always checked out the recaps, or check twitter for some hilarity in the midst of the game.

    I can’t blame you guys for wanting to walk away from all this. The entire season, and the Patrick Kane shit show that heralded what was to follow was mostly unwatchable for me. I certainly hope the organization gets it’s head out of it’s ass, but I might as well wish for the moon, eh?

    But that’s besides the point. I’m sad as hell to see you guys go, especially knowing there isn’t another Hawks blog out there quite like Hockeenight (and Cheer the Anthem has been on life support as well). Thanks a hell of a lot for all the laughs you’ve given me, my friends, and my family over the past few seasons.

  14. Marc Bell shrimp cocktails for everyone!

  15. Thanks for introducing me to Malört (even if it wasn’t in person.)
    And for everything else.

    Looking forward to the Puckcasts.

  16. Well I felt all season like I was. Compromising my Morals. So much love for the Sport and the Team so much loathing for the actions of the season. I will miss you.

  17. Fuck you all. You’re not the moral compass. Good riddance.

    1. Thank you for your loyal readership. You will be missed.

    2. don’t forget to buy some cool stuff on the way out.


      1. And if I may make a personal recommendation, the Hockeenight Thong is a fantastic item and has been a mainstay on the Hockeenight Shop for many years.

  18. Been following you guys quite a long time, definitely gonna miss coming here for the recaps and hatecaps. I’m sorry I never dragged my ass in from the burbs for one of those “Gonna Drinken” things.

    Puck Daddy has covered you guys calling it a day.

    If you want to retain any sort of faith in your fellow hockey fans, please don’t read the comments section…

    And they sadly illustrate why you’re calling it a day.

  19. “But the last year brought rape allegations, revenge porn, homophobic slurs, and countless dudebros defending the indefensible simply because the perpetrators happened to play sports for a team they supported. What had once been a pleasure became a labor.”

    Rape allegations: Evidence didn’t match up to claimant’s statements. No DNA from Kane was found on her body. Her DNA wasn’t found on Kane’s bed, where she claimed the rape took place. Her stories didn’t match up.

    Revenge Porn: Didn’t he send her own pic to her and didn’t she try to use that against him? I’m not very familiar with this case.

    Homophobic slur: Athletes will use harsh language to get at each other on the ice. If something like the word “faggot” will make you close your website, then you don’t have the intellectual or emotional fortitude to earn my respect or patronage to your blog. Obviously “faggot” has multiple uses and can have multiple contexts. Just because /some/ gay people might get offended, doesn’t mean that the word can never ever be used for the rest of time. Jesus, you people make minorities out to be the weakest classes of the Human race.

    “Countless dudebros defending the indefensible”: Kane’s case is /actually/ defensible. What is wrong with you people? Even IF the majority of nay-sayers are “dudebros”, it doesn’t exactly negate any arguments they make. Ever heard of the “Ad Hominem fallacy”? Attacking someone’s character (or making assumptions on their character) is not a form of argument, or a form of disproving an argument.

    I only found out about this blog because it was featured on “Yahoo! Sports”. I’ve never heard about your blog on Twitter, YouTube, or Reddit. If your blog is anywhere representative of the narrow-minded statements you made about the Blackhawks’ organization this year, then I’m happy you’re closing down.

    Good riddance.

    1. don’t forget to buy some cool stuff on the way out.


      1. Those shirts look awful. Bye!

        1. Oh, they’d look good on you though.

        2. I highly suggest the Hockeenight Thong.

    2. This comment answers the Zen riddle:

      What is the sound of a point being missed…?

      1. @Dick, I believe the sound is “whoosh!”. I made 2 points:

        1 – The Kane rape allegations were just that. Allegations. Holding the Blackhawks responsible for this horrible situation is asinine.
        2 – Shaw calling someone a “faggot” isn’t inherently a slight against the entire gay community. For some reason you PC people seem to have forgotten that some athletes use harsh language.

        If you’re not going to bother to digest any new or particularly dissenting information, I have no pity for your shortcomings in the real world.

        1. @Zee

          Your Point #1 – The purveyors of this site don’t hold the Blackhawks organ-I-zation responsible for Kane’s guilt or innocence. What they have issue with is “…the way the Chicago Blackhawks handled every one of these incidents” and that “made it clear to us that this was no longer an organization that we could continue supporting in this way.” What their actions said was “Guilty or innocent, winning trumps all.”

          Your Point #2 – Here’s the difference:

          Dane Cook: Mario Cantone is so gay, that when gay people walk down the street and see him, they’re like, “Fag”.

          Mario Cantone: I’m still waiting for you to come out, bitch!

          Now that’s funny, and not insulting. (I’m quoting Dane Fucking Cook…?)

          Andrew Shaw – You fucking faggot!!!

          That is nothing but derogatory. When one person attacks another’s sexuality you are attacking that person’s core identity. It could also be their race or religion.

          Would you stand up for #65 with the same fervor if he called Wayde Simmons or Iggy any one of the plethora of slurs?

          I can say this – I do have many shortcomings in the real world, a fucking plethora. But they don’t include comment-bombing a blog I’ve only heard about from a third party and proceeding to insult the bloggers and their loyal readers.

          You have a disagreement, fine. Don’t be an asshole about it. Fuck, even G. Gordon Liddy wouldn’t put up this type of crap on his radio show.


  20. Dat suks. I will tink ov yous fags every time I pee into a plastic bottle. I miss yous already.

    P.s. if I ever git my url back from da nort koreans I mite try agin. Who nose. Be good.

  21. So let me get this straight – you are shutting down the website because you’re all convinced that Patrick Kane was guilty of rape and that the Erie County District Attorney’s Office intentionally mishandled the investigation to the point where they were able to fabricate evidence or exclude evidence enough to feel that the alleged victim’s claims were falsely reported?

    Do you have any idea how fucking crazy that is? Do you have any idea how cut-throat and shady the Buffalo press is? Trust me, if there were actually a rape, those bastards at the Buffalo News would have destroyed Kane and then licked his blood off their chops and ask, “Next?” They are one of the most relentless and heartless cities in the country.

    But, you all, just a bunch of bloggers from Chicago know better? You are more connected to folks in Buffalo, the Erie Co. DA’s office and the lab? I guess the fact that Kane’s DNA wasn’t on anything that was submitted to the lab was just some pay off from the Kane camp, right? And that the girl just happened to delete all of her social media before making the charges? Decided to go home and change before going to have her rape kit done and Sweet Baby Jesus, let’s not for get the phony evidence bag that the mom tried to plant.

    Do you really think that the NHL wouldn’t have loved to at the very least kick Kane in the ass with some sort of suspension if they could have? They love to take shots at the Hawks.

    Clearly you all are nothing more than delusional millennials who just can’t handle the fact that they might have been wrong? So now you’re going to curl up into the fetal position because life isn’t fair?

    Get a grip – life is just waiting to kick you in the ass, destroy your dreams and then ask you to pay the bill. The sooner you get past your “feelings” and your “triggers” of the unfairness in this world the sooner you will be able to survive in this “injustice plagued world of ours.”

    Christ, what a bunch of fucking babies!

    1. don’t forget to buy some cool stuff on the way out.


      1. @Forklift, clearly you can’t handle having nuanced discussions with adults.

        1. Sure I can. Find me one.

          1. How did you ever make out with HP tech support? Bet you felt dumb when you realized it was a network issue, since your printer was also having connectivity issues.

        2. Zee Breeze, have you met Mary Ann? I reckon you guys have a lot in common and I really hope you’ll celebrate your union with a nice Neoprene lunch bag http://www.cafepress.com/hockeenight.1326123069

  22. Ah, the classic combination of a complete lack of reading comprehension and the ability to be angry about something they didn’t know existed until 20 minutes ago. I’d recognize the calling card of the Puck Daddy commenter anywhere.

    Welcome to our humble site. Now buy something or get out you fucking freeloaders.


  23. For some reason, one of the first things I ever did when I came to this site was read your “Testimonials” section. The first one I read is still there today; “This is the worst website ever.” – TDubbs (don’t forget to buy some cool stuff on the way out.) I did click on the boss button also, and was surprised to see the “Go back to work,” admonition. (For faithful Hockeenight readers – admonition = a criticism or warning about behavior.)

    It didn’t take long to get hooked – actually I do quite well with people that only possess half a brain. (JK< JK – don't tell me to buy something on the way out)

    I actually met Slaky at a Hawk game when he sat with Sam Fels. When Fels mentioned the name Slak, I said, "Wait a minute. Are you Slaky from Hockeenight?" When he surprisingly admitted it, I felt like I was sitting next to a celebrity. (that tells you how messed up my life is) I told Slak, Hockeenight was the first recap I read after a game in the wee hours of the morning. Sam gave me a glance and I said – I read yours too Sam. He made me laugh when he said, "It's the first one I read also.

    Slak, I'll never forget you shouting, "Bambi, get up!' when Teuvo fell in his first game. I never met any of the other knuckleheads on this site, but if they were anything like you, I'm sorry I didn't. Maybe a little further on down the road.

    I'm sorry "The Jester Has Lost His Jingle." Maybe you'll find it in another place and another time. All sports are nothing more than a big business now a days. I wrote recently that I wouldn't mind going back to the 70's when organ music was the only other entertainment; giving the fan "the total experience" and having "One goal," pale in comparison to what takes place on frozen pond. I was one of the 6,000 people who could enjoy a game, for what it's worth, when the Hawks were in the valley.

    Sometimes, the valley can be just as enjoyable as the peaks, no?

    Thanks for your hard work – I have a semblance of an idea how much time and effort goes into a site like this. It was an oasis in my mundane life.

    I'm reminded of a Hot Tuna song called Third Week in the Chelsea. I believe it's a song about Jefferson Airplane breaking up. (way too much sex and drugs and rock and roll) I encourage you to you tube the song, Jorma, Jack Cassidy and Will Scarlett just tear up the extended intro.

    Here's a few stanza's that came to mind as you, temporarily I hope, close up shop

    "Sometime's I feel like I am leaving life behind,
    My hands are moving faster, than the moving of my mind
    Thoughts and generations of my dreams are yet unborn
    I hope that I will find them for my moving gets to warn,
    If only I could live to see the dawning of the dawn.

    On a early New York morning a mirror on the wall
    Showed to me a face I didn't know at all
    Lines were drawn around a pair of eyes that opened wide
    And when I looked into them I found nothing left inside
    So I walked into a little room that whistled like a sigh

    As dawn light closed around me now my head was still in gear
    Thinking thoughts of playing more and singing loud and clear
    Trying to reach a friend somewhere and make that person smile
    and maybe pull myself away from that ol' lonesome mile
    That often comes to haunt m in the morning

    well now what is going happen now is anybody's guess,
    If I can't spend my time with love I guess I need a rest
    Time is getting late now and the sun is getting low
    My body's getting tired of carrying another's load
    And sunshine's waiting for me a little further down the road."

    1. Rich, we did not agree on everything, but reading your comments is always a pleasure. And don’t feel too bad, we’ll still be around, in some form or another.

      1. I jist want to make one thing perfectly clear – Corey Crawford is the best goalie in the NHL.

        I’m going to miss the hot takes the most I think. I still saay you made some of those up.

  24. Whenever SKO readers would ask me who Hockeenight was, I described you as the “Smarter, better version of us, but it’s about hockey so you’re stuck with me.” The world is lesser for your passing.

  25. One of my go-to sites after Committed Indian’s. Thanks for all the laughs and insight.
    You will be missed !

  26. It’s a glorious testament to Hockeenight that some drooling morans found their way over from Yahoo comments to testify how much they hate this blog that they’ve never heard of and don’t care about yet must HOT TAKE to death. And confirmation of the wiseness (and wiseass) of yer decision, gents.

    1. Hot taking to death a blog that just declared its own death is a power move.

    2. Not even close to a glorious testament. Just a group of people, probably like myself, who have the yahoo ap and read the article. We felt the reasoning for these half-wits who think their idiotic reasoning for shutting down the site is pathetic. Really, the more I read, the more I shook my head. “Fine, you’re not going to kick Pat Kane off the team even though after all the facts were brought to light, he was actually wrongly accused. Some sleaze let a guy film her (“sure I’ll let you film me as long as you promise not to show it to anyone, ok?)and if you say you’ve never called someone a fag, homo, queer, etc. on the pitch, you’re a liar, so now I’m going to take my puck and go home pouting”. I’ve read your shit on CTA and followed those CTA guys when they did Blackhawk Up as well. Didn’t you also quit when Pat Kane wasn’t strung up? I love how you all invested so much in Kane’s guilt, you couldn’t admit you fucked up when there wasn’t a shred of evidence to convict him. What would your view be if you were Kane’s father? How would the blog read then? And don’t turn around and ask how I would feel if I was the father of the gold digging “victim” in the Kane case because I would be incredibly embarrassed to be related to the girl or her mother. They’re sick people. And regarding the revenge porn girl, if she were my kid, I’d tell her, lesson learned. You can’t trust anyone. So if you’re going to be stupid enough to let yourself be recorded in a compromising position, you deserve whatever you get.

      1. Trust me, you really don’t want to bring Kane’s father into it.

    3. We really should thank Wyshinski for the traffic. Unfortunately, I doubt one of these Axe-reeking, bedazzled-Affliction-shirt-wearing legal experts will buy a fucking t-shirt. All these legal experts and no Glen Lerner to be found. Breaks my heart.

  27. Go Rangers!

    1. Someone who clearly will miss my mid-90s Ranger references.

  28. Rarely do generational talents occur anywhere on the internets, thank you for the laughs and for references to inane things that only handfuls of buffoons truly appreciate and understand. Because of you Malort is now shipped to Western Wyoming every year for the playoffs to be shared with ranchers, mountain trash and local slackers uninitiated in the pleasure. Maybe someday a blues hatecaps will appear when we least expect it like Dr Manhattan’s fucking nervous system. Worst…blog…ever

    1. Are you the real Big Cheyenne?

      1. Oh no I am just a humble servant to the order, but I likes the way you think. If you’re ever in Lander, Wyoming, America know there are several Hawks fans that would be happy to meet up for drinks, laughs, and monosyllabic conversation…

  29. Long time reader and never time poster. Took a shot of Malort to honor the passing of the Hockeenight and the trusty “boss button” which I finally showed my boss after the posts began to wane this season. Thanks for the many hours of reading enjoyment, laughs, and occasional tips on improving employee productivity. Hockeenight will be sorely missed.

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