The Malört of Hockey Blogs


Actually, that’s exactly what you can call it. After two years of inactivity, the Chicago Blackhawks left us off their list of protected bloggers. The wily and crafty geniuses (we’re not kidding, these guys can outwit velociraptors) at the Las Vegas Golden Knights have claimed us. After all, what better way for a team to write their history than to have us do it? Hell, we’ve made enough history of our own.

We’re baaaaaack…

The Golden Knights are being managed by George McPhee, who had spent years as GM of the Washington Capitals. Hopefully he brings in Al Iafrate to school modern players on the glory of a proper skullet:


So now we have the good fortune to cover the first-ever expansion team to win a Stanley Cup on their way to becoming a dynasty.
So join us as we chronicle the unfettered greatness that is the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Because the NHL’s only undefeated team needs an undefeated blog.

Let’s go Knights.

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  1. Frank Beard's Mustache

    I’ve miss your witty banter. Congrats on the new schtick. May it bring joy and hockey cards to all.

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