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KANE SHAME: Here We Go Again

This morning Chicago woke up to the news that Patrick Kane was involved in a police investigation. In fact, McClure Over At The Indian covered it all pretty damn well.

Now, in a court of law you’re innocent until proven guilty. But here we are in the court of public opinion, where anything goes.

Now like last year with the Patrick Sharp firestorm, there’s been way too much smoke for there not to be some fire. When Fels covered the Sharp stuff last year, I don’t think he’ll think I’m betraying a confidence when I say that we checked out each other’s data collection, and it all checked out.

Now nobody who writes a blog involving hockey in any way shape or form doesn’t have more than a couple of stories about Patrick Kane. Hell, if we all got together we could write a damn book.

Hell, you don’t have to take my word for it…last month at the Blackhawks Convention, Denis Savard told the story about Kane screwing up on the ice because he was busy eyeballing Taylor Swift in the stands…oh Kaner, you rascal.

Now it probably sounds like I’m being the judge and jury here. Fine, I’ll take it. I’d love to give Patrick Kane the benefit of the doubt, but he’s run out of benefits.

Based upon what we’ve all heard or read, you already have your best and worst case scenario…worst case, Kane is a rapist. Best case, he’s a fucking moron.

And strangely, “fucking moron” seems to be his M.O. In 2009 he punched a cabbie over 20 cents. In 2012 it was Cinco de Mayo in Madison. In fact, maybe we can just plan for three years from now. Book Summer 2018 as “next time Patrick Kane does something idiotic”.

And because of this, we can sit here and there is nobody in the world who can state without breaking into laughter that no matter how this particular incident gets resolved, he’s not going to get into hot water somewhere down the line.

There are already people blaming the woman in this, without even knowing anything about her. Entrapment. Gold digger. You name it. But you notice how many players there are in the NHL? Somehow this stuff always happens to Kane. Even if it’s entrapment, Kane was obviously seen as an easy mark, a guy who lets his little head think for his big one.

I have no doubt than the NHL, with help from St. Rockwell of Madison Street, will somehow manage to make this all go away. But just because you flush, the bathroom still stinks.

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