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KNIGHTS UNDEFEATED: Cup-Bound Franchise Not Without Issues

Yeah, we missed recapping the first two games. Refer to the above for our explanation.

The Vegas Golden Knights have managed to vanquish their two oldest rivals, the Dallas Stars and Arizona Coyotes, to remain the only team in the NHL with a perfect record in their franchise history.

Led by James Neal, who is shocking the hockey world by not wearing his agent’s number on his back while scoring 3 goals in those games, and Marc-Andre Fleury sporting a totally-sustainable .973 save percentage, the Knights are already damaging their chances at having their ping-pong ball show up in the number one spot next Spring.

But that’s not to say there aren’t a couple issues.

First of all, there is a team policy forbidding beards on the team. This is a pretty unusual rule in hockey, as there are players in this league who can grow a pretty solid beard in the course of a game. It seems a little hard to believe that the Knights wouldn’t be interested in a Brent Burns or Jordy Benn if they were made available. Trust me, those guys need their beards to break up the monotony of their faces. Of course, when the day comes that the Knights prepare to enter the playoffs, this rule will need to be relaxed.

Also in the “oops” pile is the absolutel bungling of Vadim Shipachyov in the interest of economics. The Knights send pre-expansion draft ripples through the hockey world by signing Shipachyov to a 2-year deal, and he appeared to be ready to step into a top 6 role. Yet the Knights sent him to the Chicago Wolves, despite having plenty of cap space, for reasons unknown to this humble blogger.

So now Shipachyov and his agent are exploring going back home to play in the KHL. Which will probably lead to the Knights shopping him around. So great work.

Next up for the Knights is a renewal of their rivalry with the Coyotes, as they finish the second half of a home-and-home Tuesday night.

Stay tuned, CT will recap. He’s just finding out about it now.


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