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McPHEE’S TRADING POST: Comings and Goings, Mostly Goings

The Golden Knights’ offices, apparently.

Remember when you read here that the wheeling and dealing was far from over? No? Figures, you were probably drunk when you read whatever it was that I banged out on my keyboard.

But yeah, General Manager George McPhee (you know what? Now I know why Caps fans/writers always referred to him as GMGM, so I’m going to as well) has been moving guys in and out to the point that players are probably a little wary of buying plane tickets to training camp. The Vegas Golden Knights are clearly open for business.

So, what’s cooking?

METHOT TRADED – Defenseman Marc Methot was traded to Dallas for a 2020 second round pick. GMGM’s done a solid job of making sure that each draft day for the next few years will be a busy one. At the moment (this may change by the time I hit “Publish”) they hold 5 picks in 2018, 12 picks in 2019 and 9 picks in 2020. Most teams are holding back on their 2018 picks for now, but look for some of those to land in GMGM’s lap come Deadline Day.

Methot was a guy who could have been a short term asset for the Knights, maybe even being their first Captain. But at this point I’d guess anybody over the age of 28 is completely available. He was also the only player on the Knights blue line who was signed beyond the upcoming season until Brad Hunt was signed. More on that in a second.

EMELIN TRADED – Defenseman Alexei Emelin also had a brief tenure as a Knight, being traded to the Nashville Predators for their 2019 3rd rounder. Emelin will help the Preds’ already-beefy blueline.

KNIGHTS TRADE FOR KRUGER – Hey, a trade where the Knights actually got a guy! They acquired two-time Stanley Cup winner and penalty killer extraordinaire Kruger for “future considerations”. Which I’m guessing is a conditional pick.

KNIGHTS SIGN A BUNCH OF GUYS – GMGM also made sure he had guys to fill out the AHL roster, picking up some guys who never really quite panned out in the NHL, but could maybe carve themselves out a niche with a franchise that has no shortage of open jobs.

As I said earlier, Brad Hunt is the best-known guy. He has 9 points in 33 NHL games after being undrafted. He’s tiny (5’9, 185), but skates well and might get a spot out of camp. He’s signed for two years with a cap hit of $650,00

They also got Chris Casto, another blueliner. Casto got a one year deal after never panning out with the Bruins after coming out of Minnesota-Deluth with some promise.

They got Maxime Legace, who has spent a season and a half in the AHL with the Texas Stars. He looked pretty good in 2015-16 with Texas, helping get them into the playoffs. He’ll be spending a lot of time in Rosemont Illinois, where the Chicago Wolves play. Enjoy Gene & Jude’s.

They also signed three forwards…Paul Thompson, Stefan Matteau and T.J. Tynan. Matteau is clearly the most intriguing of the three, a first-round pick for the Devils in the 2012 draft. After five years, he’s never shown the ability to play with the big boys, notching 6 points in 56 career games.

We’ll do our best to keep you abreast of any other transactions that take place. At some point, someone’s going to make an offer for James Neal that will be too good to pass up. But free agency generally dries up the trade market until injuries or playoff pushes get things moving again.

And hey, Jagr’s still out there…


  1. No casino? That can’t be the offices.

  2. The biggest disappointment here is that I won’t get to use the nickname “Marc Methotphetamine” on a regular basis.

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