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Hockeenight Puckcast: How Can You Miss Us If We Won’t Go Away?

Big Chey looks like he's ready to do some grazing.

That’s right, we’re back, in podcast form!  After nearly two entire weeks, Fork, CT and Krista break their radio silence to talk about…well…

  • GONNA DRINKEN! June 18th at Galway Bay!
  • Everyone reminisces about the wonder comments we got on our last post
  • A warm welcome to the Yahoo Commenters who may be listening for the first time
  • Some stuff about hockey
  • But mostly more about people we hate
  • Although that does include Roman Polak



  1. And here I was hoping for a “best of” Yahoo comments read in #RWILY format.

    Goddamn millennials.

  2. So no rejuvenation, and fork I saw the reply to my game 7 post. “…or”. I was hoping against hope but good to hear you guys on the podcast. Loved it in a strange way that you guys mentioned my game 7 post. If you ever need packs of hockey cards get a hold of me via Twitter I have access to the mother load

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