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Postgame Puckcast: Hawks 4, Sharks 3 (OT)

Big Chey looks like he's ready to do some grazing.

With the Hawks taking on the Sharks on a 6pm start, Fork and CT decided it was the perfect evening to not write anything and instead have a post-game Puckcast.  And with Krista on assignment (or perhaps just not present because we decided this at the last possible minute) we were even able to welcome a surprise guest!

Topics include:

  • The Blackhawks. Some of these new guys aren’t bad, eh?
  • Scuderi and Roszival have not managed to crash into the Alaskan coastline yet.
  • Foley and Edzo have somehow cranked up their Annoyance setting to 11.
  • Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the name “Zemgus” you assholes.
  • A special guest makes his presence known, along with his insane website.



  1. My middle name is Zemgus. Foley and Hairplugs can go fuck themselves.

    1. Does that mean you’re a metal bassist? Because Fels probably thinks he gets them all.

  2. Channel 32 was WFLD –that is where one could watch Speed, Spritle and Chim Chim

    Prior to CT’s remembrance, Channel 44 hosted the Sox

    Batman, Green Hornet (later, B’Hillbillies, I dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, The Fugitive, the Time Tunnel etc were some of the shows I remembered and I am a bit older than Forklift.

    Locally, my Mom and her redneck husband (Pinconning Michigan) were fans of Barn Dance an early version of Hee Haw

  3. Oh yeah…channel 26 (UHF) was Spanish language and showed bull fights

    I love it when you guys talk about TV shows and sitcom analytics.

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