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PUCKCAST: Hockeenight Gets Re-Krausened

Big Chey looks like he's ready to do some grazing.

Hey, the Cubs won the World Series and there’s some kind of election going on but the real news is that the Blackhawks are in first place!  What better time for Fork, CT and Krista (and briefly Steve) to assemble for a Puckcast?


  • CT emerges from a 6 week long hockey coma
  • Joe Krausen returns with a vengeance
  • And a million dollar idea!
  • Reflections on the Cubs winning and Go Cubs Go
  • And excellent NHL All-Star/Election metaphor that makes Winnipeg subject to the 3/5’s clause
  • A bunch of other shit including wrestling (I think), theme parks and peeing on stuff




Updated: November 8, 2016 — 4:44 pm


  1. CT find that video please

  2. Please come back. I’ll buy all the decals it takes to make that happen.

  3. Can I be on The Puckcast?

  4. Fro you made me LOL. And you’re still the worst. 🙂

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