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Puckcast: We’re Back

It’s been several weeks since Fork, CT and Krista were last on the air, so naturally they rebounded from the disappointment of the Hawks’ Western Conference Finals loss by speaking with America’s Sweetheart and #NotedJerk Joe Yerdon of ProHockeyTalk.com fame.

So what did we talk about?
  • Old Puckcasts
  • Buffalo
  • “HOLY GARBAGE” merchandise now available for sale
  • Toronto
  • The Draft
  • Weirdos who like the draft
  • Converting the blog to WordPress
  • Listen closely and you can hear Joe mumble “So long, you small time losers” when he signs off
  • Fine. We talk about the Blackhawks. FINE. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?

Updated: October 31, 2014 — 12:13 pm
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