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This week Fork and CT sit down to talk: GONNADRINKEN was a huge success and we love everyone who attended We missed you Block Andrew Shaw and the return of Blackhawks Facebook CT is drinking Fork is indirectly responsible for the Malorting of Olympic athletes What’s going to happen to Toronto when Stamkos signs in […]

Puckcast: Playoff Preview

Hey, we had a Puckcast tonight. And it was scintillating, let me tell you.  I think we talked about like 4 things: Playoffs! They are starting, and we make our picks Fork’s work has a good vending machine prices Two packs of hockey cards! Brian Skrudland will kill us all

Purim Puckcast: Because We Are Bored

  Yes, Hockenight held a Puckcast tonight, and yes it took place during the Hawks game.  Which means Fork, CT and Krista weren’t the only ones to phone it in tonight. Topics include: Purim, which naturally transitions into a discuss of Mad Dog 20/20 Fork badmouths Andrew Shaw and Richard Panik with near immediate results A […]

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