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Puckcast: Summertime Blues

Well, it’s the middle of summer Puckcast which means there’s all sorts of fun free agent signings to talk about.  Right? Wrong. Free agents, where they are now, and why, and how much. CT goes to Philadelphia and does not try any of its indigenous cuisine Fork goes to a proto-ECW show CT teaches us […]


Fork and CT have returned, just in time for the playoffs to have already started! Tonight they discuss: Bandwagon fans The Blackhawks and how they are finished (not really) Prospective Golden Knights A bunch of other crap, most of it involving Heelys Hockey cards! Seriously, if you know a Heely ninja please contact us

Puckcast: Hockeenight Goofs Off

  In their Thanksgiving preview Fork, CT and Krista welcome in Edmonton’s own Mike Fail to talk about a lot of things, some of which may or may not be hockey: Is Calgary taking good care of our precious Blackhawk favorites? Road Warrior Animal Malort Fork explains to Mike why Canadian Thanksgiving is in October A […]


  With a dearth of hockey news, and Jon Stewart dead in a ditch or something, Fork and CT turned their sights on America’s other favorite past time: POLITICS. Yes, really. Who does Hockeenight endorse this year? I DON’T REMEMBER Is George Hutchins still running for Congress, being weird and inexplicably using pictures from his […]

Puckcast: Rambling About Stuff

Fork, CT and Krista convened tonight for a Puckcast.  Here’s some stuff they talked about: PK Subban being traded for an older, worse player with a longer contract Thus robbing us of sweet Maple Leaf tears when Steven Stamkos stayed in Tampa Brian Campbell is back And from there it goes downhill We try to […]

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