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Released from their gym lockers!

Released from their gym lockers!

It’s playoff time again, so once more the Hockeenight Mathletes have been released from the gym lockers where they had been stuffed, and they’ve been crunching the numbers on the first-round matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues.

Here’s the results of their analysis.

3/6 – ratio of Stanley Cups to years in Chicago
3/6 – ratio of teeth to people in St. Louis
16 – Number of wins required to win the Stanley Cup
16 – Number of chins on Ken Hitchcock
1 – How many more years Joel Quenneville coached in Chicago than St. Louis.
3 – How many more Stanley Cups Joel Quenneville won in Chicago than in St. Louis.
1 – Number of 1967 expansion teams still in existence that haven’t won Stanley Cups.
1 – Number of those teams now playing the reigning Stanley cup Champs.
4 – Number of places in the Geneva Convention where serving Provel cheese is considered a war crime.
8 – number of dumpsters Ryan Reaves has asked to marry him.
23 – Number of Dalmatians it takes David Backes to make a coat.
2 – Number of Arby’s restaurants in St. Louis.

5000 – Number of Arby’s restaurants Ken Hitchcock wishes were in St. Louis.

1 – Number of playoff series the Blues have won since 2009.

16 – Number of playoff series the Blackhawks have won since 2009.

Blackhawks in 6

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