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This morning I woke up to two emails from our good friend Sam Fels. I get emails from him a lot, particularly on Mondays – him wondering when he’s getting my Top Ten, because it’s holding up the Ivy Drip.

Today though, there was one saying there would be no Drip this week. The next  was him informing a bunch of people that his brother Adam had passed.

If you read The Committed Indian, Adam was known as The Ombudsman. He was very passionate about the Hawks, but not at the expense of logic. He carried the same passion over to Cubs Den, where he was a popular read, with very good reason.

If you ever met Adam, you liked him. He was a really good guy. On a personal note, the first time I met him, he seemed genuinely excited to meet me, and pretty much made me feel like a big shot. Not that I’m a particularly ego-driven person, but it was still a good feeling. I’ve always had nothing but love for both Fels boys.

So now I’m asking you to keep Sam in your thoughts today – and honor the Fels boys by calling that buddy you haven’t spoken to in a while, maybe going out to grab a drink or two and shoot the shit about the Hawks for a while. I know, a lot of the time life can get in the way of you doing these sorts of things. But think about what Sam would give for just one more cold one with his brother.

Safe journey Adam. Find whoever is in charge of these things to make sure Quenneville gets hit by lighting if he benches Morin for Versteeg ever again.

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