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Twenty-Three Skiddoo: Hawks 2, Caps 3



Editor’s Note: For reason’s known only to CT, tonight’s recap is peppered with quite a bit of supposed 1920’s era slang. Since this recap came in under cover of darkness and our sole means of communication with CT’s DuPage County compound is via semaphore, we can only offer as a guide this link in hopes that it will aid you with translation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

While the Blackhawks looked like the bee’s knees in their last game against Montreal, they came into tonight’s game with some issues.  With airtight winger Patrick Sharp joining mustard plaster Dan Carcillo in the trainer’s room with an injury, the Hawks reached out to their Rockford affiliate and recalled career bindle punk Peter Regin. While I’m a fan of Regin myself, we know that Joel Quenneville has been less than impressed, so I wondered if maybe Regin, Bryan Bickell and Jeremy Morin were going to be stapled to the bench all night.

Meanwhile, ex-Nashville bridge troll Barry Trotz and his Washington Capitals have their own issues. The Caps are floundering in the Metropolitan division and one need only look to their putrid team save percentage of .887 to see why.  Why, it’s enough to make a coach cast a kitten.


Donald Rundblad and TVR played well together tonight and looked confident in breaking the Caps forecheck. If these two can maintain this level of play, well we might have ourselves something in this 3rd pairing.

Uh, I don’t know…the Hawks actually played pretty well except for a disastrous 5 minutes at the end of the second period. For some reason every mistake they made during that part of the game hit the back of the net and it was enough to give the Caps a win.


Brent Seabrook – Seabs made an ill-advised pinch that led to the Caps first goal, then deflected a shot into his own net for the second. I’m not as down on Seabrook as most in the Hawks’ blogosphere, but this was a tough game for him.

Andrew Shaw – why is his playing center on the second line again? I’m not sure why Jeremy Morin, Peter Regin and Bryan Bickell get benched for the slightest of perceived mistakes while Shaw’s removal from the top 6 (let alone the ice) for his play is seemingly inconceivable to the coaching staff, but it’s getting tiresome.

Kris Versteeg – JESUS CHRIST. It was one thing when Versteeg was just bad. But he’s obviously much better physically this year, which means we get some jaw-dropping stick handling  out of the corner that leads to drop passes to nobody. Versteeg might be the most maddening player I’ve ever seen.







Look, I’m not ever sure what’s going on now. I started this recap thinking it would be cute to use 1920’s slang throughout but now I’m burning the blue flame on coffin varnish and I don’t know which way is up.  The Hawks are playing the Sharks at 6pm on Sunday and that seems like both a ludicrous time and opponent for that game. Hopefully somebody better than me will be there to get you through it.

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